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Cigarette Design and Innovation for Market Appeal - Page 3

Perfumed cigarettes date from the first decade of the century. Flavorings and other additives have long been part of cigarette manufacture. Most of the world market in licorice is for use in tobacco products. Here are some brands that particularly emphasized a flavor or smell attribute. Spring, Chelsea and Horizon were only tried out in test market. The gimmick for the latter two was a perfume that was emitted as the cigarette burned like an incense to make the smoke smell less offensive.

  • Mapleton (UST, early 1960s)
  • Twist (American, 1973)
  • Spring Lemon Lights (Lorillard, 1989)
  • Chelsea (RJR, 1989)
  • Horizon (RJR, 1990)
Starting with Passport in Canada, several manufacturers have promoted cigarettes that produce less visible sidestream smoke through the use of various paper additives. Vantage Excel (RJR, 1989) was one such attempt. As with the perfumed and incense-burning brands, these take a cosmetic, public relations approach to a public health problem.
Real (RJR, 1975). "Nothing Artificial Added". The motif is also found in Nat Sherman's cigarettes and in American Spirit. The latter are sold in health food stores.
  • "I like Ike" and "Stevenson for President", 1952
  • "Let's back Jack", 1960
  • "I want to make it perfectly clear I'm for Nixon", 1972
  • Bush for President, 1988
  • Gorbatchow, 1990


  • Paxton (Philip Morris) packaged for Presidential yacht Sequoia (1970s)
  • L&M (Ligget Group) packaged for Presidential retreat at Camp David (late-1980s)
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