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Tobacco Industry Direct Marketing Strategies


Direct marketing is direct communication with consumers that aims at making a sale or generating another measurable response. Forms of direct marketing include direct mail, coupons, sweepstakes offers, brand loyalty programs (e.g., Camel Cash or Marlboro Miles), sponsorship of concerts or other specialized entertainment events in sites such as bars and clubs, and controlled circulation magazines distributed to those on the tobacco industry’s large mailing lists. It should be noted that direct marketing is a technique being developed by the tobacco industry as their traditional marketing avenues continue to be restricted. It is a technique that not only bypasses marketing restrictions set up by the Master Settlement Agreement, but many of these strategies operate out of sight of the public health community and most of the public, and so go unchecked by either tobacco control advocates or public opinion.

For more on direct marketing and its implications, see the following articles
by Trinkets and Trash personnel:

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