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Select the brand you are interested in. If you do not see your brand of interest in the list, type the brand name into the “Key Words” field. If you are not interested in specifying any particular brands, leave the field blank.

NOTE: If you choose a particular brand, such as Marlboro, and do not specify any other field, your search will result in ALL items related to Marlboro. To narrow down, add a date of interest and/or select item categories of interest.

Item Date
To view items from a particular year or time period, enter in the year (e.g., 2011) or the year range (e.g., 2005 – 2011). To view items across all years, leave the field blank.

Item Category
What topic or type of item are you interested in? All items in this database fit in to one or more of the listed item categories.

You can select more than one item category. Selecting multiple categories follows an “AND” search function (rather than an OR function).
If you select several categories, you will get a return of items that have each been coded with each of the categories that you selected. For example, if you select both the “direct mail” and “smokeless tobacco” categories, you will only get a result of items that have been coded as being both “direct mailings” and as being related to “smokeless tobacco”. In contrast, if you were to select both the categories of “direct mail” and “e-mail” you may get 0 results because no items have been coded as being both.

Key Words
Typing in “key words” can help you narrow your search or find items related to categories not listed under the Item Category or Brand fields. Type in a key word that might be used to describe the item you are looking for and then select search. This might include the names of particular promotional campaigns or sweepstakes. Some examples of key words you might search on include the following:

Camel Cash

Marlboro Miles

Camel Hump Day

Marlboro Snus Challenge


Magazine Names (e.g., Essence)



Joe Camel


Recent Images
You can also search for items recently added to the Trinkets & Trash website (i.e., items added in the last 30 days, 90 days, 6 months or 1 year). For example, to search for all items added to the T&T website in the last 30 days, select “last 30 days” from the Recent Images field and leave all other fields blank.

You can also use this feature to narrow down a particular search. For example, to search for all Newport magazine advertisements added to the site in the last 6 months, select “Newport” from the Brand Field, “Ad-magazine” from the Item Category field, and “last 6 months” from the Recent Images field.

You can sort any of your results by Brand, Year, or Item Category, by clicking on these highlighted headings on the results page.

Search Examples
Scenario 1: “I want to see images of all items in promotion of Marlboro from between 2008 and 2010”

  • Select Marlboro from the Brand field; Enter 2008 – 2010 in the Date range; Hit “Search”
    • Tip: You can sort your Results page by Item Category (click on Category heading link)
    • Tip: You can narrow your results by also selecting one or more options from the Item Category field (e.g., direct mail, e-mail)

Scenario 2: “I want to see images of all emails in promotion of smokeless tobacco products in 2011”

  • Select “e-mail” and “Smokeless tobacco” from the Category field; Enter 2011 in Date field; Hit “Search”
    • Tip: You can sort your Results page by Brand (click on Brand heading link)

Scenario 3: “I want to see images of promotional items related to the 2011 Marlboro Snus Challenge

  • Select Marlboro Snus from the Brand field; Type 2011 in Date field; Type “Challenge” in Key Words field OR
  • Type “Marlboro Snus Challenge” in Key Words field

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