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Brand: Commit

Year: 2004

Cessation Aids

Ad for Commit Lozenge Stop Smoking Aid, featuring a new blue package design. Picture of a dartboard with the text, "You didn't learn to hit a bull's eye on your first try. Quitting takes practice too." Below the image is another message: "The Commit stop-smoking lozenge is clinically proven to help you quit smoking, even if you've tried to quit before. The 4mg lozenge actually doubles your chances of quitting.* It works fast to help keep your cravings under control. And, it keeps working to help protect you from cravings even after the lozenge is gone." Slogan: "Real Help. Real Hope".

Ad found in:

Field & Stream: February 2006

Golf Digest: January 2006; December 2005.

Newsweek: February 13, 2006; October 3, 2005; September 19, 2005; November 15, 2004

Sports Illustrated: February 6, 2006

Woman's Day: March 7, 2006

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