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Brand: Skoal

Year: 2004

Flavored Product
Smokeless Tobacco

Ad for Skoal and Copenhagen smokeless tobacco from US Smokeless Tobacco Co. Ad is featured as two half page ads, found on different pages in a magazine. First half of ad features an image of a man sitting on a plane. Text: "Even on a four-hour flight, Ray can enjoy real tobacco pleasure whenever he wants. That's because he's discovered (page 66)." Second half of the ad features images of four cans of smokeless tobacco, including Skoal's flavored apple, berry and mint blends. Text: "The Solution." This ad is part of a series of ads from UST framing smokeless tobacco as "the solution" to dealing with smoke cravings when in a smoke-free environment.

Ad found in:

Entertainment Weekly: March 18, 2005; February 4, 2005
Esquire: March 2005; December 2004
Newsweek: January 10, 2005; November 22, 2004; November 1, 2004
Time: February 28, 2005; January 24, 2005

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