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Brand: Pall Mall

Year: 2003

Light/Ultra Light

Ad for Pall Mall cigarettes. Image of all three packs against a black background with the slogan: "Burns slower, lasts longer". Lower right hand corner is a small chart that compares Pall Mall to Camel, Doral, Winston, Marlboro and Basic: "Filtered Pall Mall gives you more puffs than other major brands.

Ad found in:

ESPN: July 8, 2002
GQ: January 2004; September 2003
Maxim: July 2003
National Enquirer: January 14, 2003;
Newsweek: November 11, 2002; December 10, 2001
People: December 10, 2001; October 15, 2001
Popular Mechanics: October 2002
Redbook: September 2003; October 2002
Time: September 2, 2002; January 14, 2001

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