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Brand: American Spirit

Year: 2004

Coupon - Discount
Direct Mail
Harm Reduction/PREPs

Direct mail from American Spirit. This was the first mail package received by an individual after initial mailing list sign up. Package consists of a letter describing American Spirit and offering a free sample: "...Our customers tell us that, not only do they taste the difference, the entire smoking experience is different. We use no reconstituted sheet tobacco, no scrap tobacco, no processed stems and absolutely no chemical additives...But don't just take our word for it - try Natural American Spirit for yourself! To receive a sample of Natural American Spirit, simply refer to the easy instructions on the enclosed Sample Request Form. We will send you a carton of Natural American Spirit Cigarettes or six pouches of Roll-Your-Own Tobacco to try...and to evaluate." Mail piece also includes a 2 sided handout listing 464 additives "commonly added by major tobacco companies to their tobacco, a brochure describing the company and the different blends of American Spirit cigarettes (including blends of organic tobacco), and a $5.00 gift certificate for any American Spirit product.

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