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Brand: Camel

Year: 1940

Celebrity Endorsement
Cigarettes - packs/carton

Mrs. Gail Borden of Chicago: "There's more pleasure in a Camel ... and more smoking, too!" Mrs. Gail Borden - chic round the world traveler, much sought after member of Chicago's North Shore set - enjoys entertaining at home. As she herself says: "I love having friends in for dinner." And since her friends include prominent artists, musicians, and literary figures, her dinners are always great fun. One of her thoughtful table touches is the serving of Camel cigarettes... "My guests prefer Camels" she points out, "It's evident that they aprreciate 'the long-burning cigarette'! As for me," Mrs. Borden continues, "well, Camels have been my favorite for many years. They have the most delicious taste I could want in a cigarette. And they're so much milder." By burning 2% slower than the average of the 15 other largest selling brands tested - slower than any of them - Camels give a smoking plus equal to 5 extra smokes per pack! Camels - Long-burning Costlier Tobaccos A few of the many distinguished women who prefer Camel cigarettes. Mrs. Nicholas Beddle, Philadelphia Mrs. Alexander Black, Los Angeles Mrs. Powell Cabot, Boston Mrs. Thomas M. Carnegie, Jr. Philadelphia Mrs. J. Gardner Coolidge 2nd., Boston Mrs. Anthony J. Drexet, Jun., Philadelphia Mrs. Certenius Gillette, Jr. New York Mrs. Chriswell Darney Langhoene, Virginia Mrs. Nicholas Ceiffite Penniman,III Mrs. Equis Swiff, Jr., Chicago Mrs. Killen M. Van Eenessader, New York More Pleasure per puff, More puffs per pack. Penny for penny, your best cigarette buy.

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