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Brand: On

Year: 2022

Coupon - Discount
Flavored Product
Nicotine Pouch/Lozenge
Promotions-Promo items/Gifts
Special Populations-African American
Web page/Website

An e-mail from On! January 2022, urging the recipient to open up to satisfaction using the brand's slogan anytime, anywhere. Promotes to the consumer using this brand allows for more time with friends without needing to step away. Includes access to the brand's website along with a January 2022 deal, 3 cans of nicotine pouches for $10 plus tax. Uses an image of diverse group of people bonding and laughing with a quote underneath from Sarah S saying, "now I can go to events and not worry about smelling like smoke. I can enjoy a nicotine pouch instead." Also shows the customer various flavors the brand carries such as wintergreen, mint and coffee.

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