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Brand: American Spirit

Year: 2012

Coupon - Discount

Blue colored ad from American Spirit promoting the menthol product styles. The ad features images of packs of American Spirit menthols against a background of ice crystals and contains a promo code for an offer of two packs for $2.00.  Main text: "A natural partnership between tobacco and menthol."

Ad found in:

Austin Chronicle: May 18, 2012
Dallas Observer: June 21, 2012
Houston Press: May 24, 2012
L.A. Weekly: June 7, 2012
Long Island Press: May 31, 2012
New Times (Broward-Palm Beach): June 14, 2012
New Times (Miami): June 14, 2012

O.C. Weekly: June 7, 2012
Philadelphia Weekly: May 30, 2012
Sacramento News & Review: June 14, 2012
Seattle Weekly: June 20, 2012
Shepherd Express (Milwaukee): June 14, 2012
Village Voice (NYC): May 23, 2012
Westword (Denver): June 7, 2012
Willamette Weekly (Portland): June 20, 2012

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