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Brand: American Spirit

Year: 2011


Ad for Natural American Spirit Cigarettes, featuring an image of two brand styles painted on a red brick wall. Text: "100% U.S. Grown Tobacco. 100% additive-free natural tobacco. While our 100% US grown tobacco cigarette styles help support local farmers, the truth is we've been supporting local farmers for nearly three decades. By choosing these cigarettes, so can you. It may seem like a small thing on the cosmic scale, but to the many farmers who grow tobacco for us, it's a pretty big deal."

Ad found in:

Arkansas Times (Little Rock): October 12, 2011; November 16, 2011

Atlantic City Weekly: October 20, 2011

Oklahoma Gazette: November 9, 2011

Philadelphia Weekly: October 19, 2011; October 26, 2011

Riverfront Times (St. Louis): October 27, 2011; November 24, 2011

Shepherd Express (Milwaukee): December 22, 2011

The Pitch (Kansas City): October 13, 2011; December 1, 2011

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