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Brand: Skoal

Year: 2005

Flavored Product
Smokeless Tobacco

Ad for Skoal and Copenhagen smokeless tobacco from US Smokeless Tobacco Co. This ad is part of a series of ads from UST framing smokeless tobacco as "the solution" to dealing with smoke cravings when in a smoke-free environment. Ad features an image of a man sitting on a plane. Text: "Enjoy tobacco on a 4-hour flight? Absolutely. Enjoy tobacco the smoke-free way with Copenhagen or Skoal. Copenhagen offers legendary natural tobacco flavor, while Skoal comes in a variety of great tasting flavors that are sure to satisfy. They also make it easy to enjoy tobacco on your own terms. Try a rich satisfying pinch of long cut, or easy-to-use pouches. So maybe it's time to find your solution - and leave the smoke behind. Break from the pack."

Ad found in:

Entertainment Weekly: June 10, 2005

Esquire: May 2005

Newsweek: July 18, 2005

Time: June 27, 2005

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