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Brand: Nicoderm

Year: 2005

Cessation Aids
Special Populations-African American

Ad for Nicoderm patches. Image of African American man pointing to a message shaped like a patch on his arm. Text on "patch": "I wear it because I'm a 69-year old basketball player. And i plan on being an 80-year old basketball player." Bottom Text: "When you decide that smoking is something you'd like to be rid of, you need the power to just get it done. Each NicoDerm CQ patch helps fight cravings all day. And is even strong enough to fight cravings while you sleep. When you're serious, make a statement. Get serious. Get CQ. For more info,

Ad found in:
Woman's Day, October 4 and May 10, 2005;
People, June 13, March 7, and January 31, 2005;
Cosmopolitan, April and January 2005;
Redbook, March 2005;
Newsweek, January 17, 2005.

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