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Direct mail from Marlboro in celebration of Marlboro's 50th Anniversary. Cover: Red with stars and text, "Marlboro Celebrating 50 Years of Flavor." Inside are several pages of Marlboro imagery, in the colors of red, white and blue. The booklet tells the short story of Marlboro's history. Page 1,2: "The invitation first came 50 years ago." Page 3,4: "It started with three tobaccos chosen for quality and blended for perfection." Page 5,6: "And it became the only flavor that could measure up to a land this big." Page 7,8: "Now our anniversary celebration is on and we want you to join us." Page 9,10: "And the invitation hasn't changed." "Come to where the flavor is." This last page includes a "special anniversary gift offer". Scratching off the silver star reveals an offer for a free "white star ashtray", redeemable by calling the provided phone number.

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