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Brand: Marlboro

Year: 2004

Direct Mail
Promotions-Promo items/Gifts

Direct mail from Marlboro in celebration of Marlboro's 50th Anniversary. Inside the mailer is a what looks like a MasterCard credit card. The card is a debit card worth $10.00, sent as a gift from Marlboro. Text: "Pocket it. Spend it. Reload it. We're celebrating five decades of flavor, and it all starts here. Stick this prepaid card in you wallet and use it at millions of locations coast to coast. Then get a $25 one-time-only reload by sending in the enclosed form and 125 current Marlboro Miles by April 30, 2005. It's easy money on us, and it's our way of saying thanks." Also enclosed in the mailer are "invitations" to interest friends in also signing up on the mailing list, as well as the response form and survey to send back for the $25 "reload".

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