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Brand: L&M

Year: 1954

Celebrity Endorsement

"Rosalind Russell says: 'L&M filters are just what the doctor ordered!'" "I wanted a cigarette with a filter I could depend on and a flavor I could enjoy. I read the letter below from Dr. F.R. Darkin, Director of Ligget & Myers Research, and changed immediately to L&M filters. I recommend them to you. --- Rosalind Russell" "Light and Mild. Much More Flavor, Much Less Nicotine." "Only L&M filters give you all this... 1. Effective Filtration, from a Strictly Non-Mineral Material--Alpha Cellulose. Exclusive to L&M filters, and entirely pure and harmless to health. 2. Selective Filtration-- the L&M filter selects and removes the heavy particles, leaving you a light and mild smoke. 3. Less Nicotine-- the L&M filter removes one-third of the smoke, leaving you all the satisfaction. 4. Much More Flavor and Aroma-- At last a filter-tip cigarette with plenty of good taste. Reason- L&M Filters premium quality tobaccos, a blend which includes special aromatic types."

Ad found in:

Life Magazine: February 8, 1954.

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