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Brand: Camel

Year: 1974

Promotions-Promo items/Gifts

Ad appeared in Playboy Magazine 11/1974. "Dynamite offer! Embroidered denim packets from Camel Filters. Each for only $1.00 and two Camel Filters labels!" "Sew on a tote bag. Jazz up your jeans. Sew on a jacket. Make an extra pocket. Hip up a hat. (For really good taste, add Camel Filters!)" "No mere flat-printed patches you iron on-- but three beautiful embroidered, dimensional-design pockets-- with no end of great, practical uses. Quantity is strictly limited. So hurry-- send in the coupon below now!" "Camel Filters & Denim Pockets. They're not for everybody (but they could be for you)."

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