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Brand: Camel

Year: 2004

Flavored Product
Special Populations-Youth

Ad for Camel special summer edition flavored cigarettes. Camel’s “Pleasure to Burn. The official blends of summer - for a limited time only". Ad features a woman in a grass skirt and tropical bikini top, with a flower in her hair, a coconut drink in her hand, and a cigarette in the other hand. She is lying beneath an umbrella on top of the two summer blend cigarette packs: Kauai Kolada and Twista Lime. The packs are brightly colored. Kauai Kolada is described as having "Hawaiian hints of pineapple and coconut" and Twista Lime is described as a "citrus tiki taste sensation".

Upon release of this ad in the summer of 2004, the ad has been considered offensive and has received strong opposition from members of Hawaiian organizations, including the governor of Hawaii, the mayor of Kauai (an island of Hawaii), and the director of the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, for abusing the name of Kauai and Hawaiian images, and for trying to target young people. For more, see “Camel Lighting Fire Over New Cigarettes” AP, Wednesday, July 28, 2004.

Ad found in:
Blender: August 2004
Car and Driver: August 2004
Cosmopolitan: July 2004
FHM: August 2004
GQ: August 2004
Jane: August 2004
Maxim: August 2004; July 2004
Playboy: August 2004
Rolling Stone: July 8-22, 2004
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Vogue: August 2004

Two page version found in:
Cosmopolitan: Summer/Fall 2004
Sports Illustrated: July 12-19, 2004
Tracks: August/September 2004

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