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Brand: Camel

Year: 1946

Cigarettes - packs/carton

Lady with a Lamp (1946 version). The pages of medical history during the last century glow with the names of great women, Florence Nightingale, the "lady with the lamp:...Elizabeth Blackwell, first American woman to be given the proud degree M.D....Drs. Mary Putnam Jacobi...James Viola Meyers...Anna Brownwell...the list is long. And Brilliant. In America today, thanks to the intrepid spirit of these pioneers, 7,250 women doctors carry the lamps they lighted ever further along the path of human service. According to a recent Nationwide survey: More Doctors smoke Camel than any other cigarette. Men and women in every branch of medicine - 113,597 in all - were queried in this nationwide study of cigarette preference. Three leading research organizations made the survey. The gist of the query was--What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor? The brand named most was Camel! The rich, full flavor and cool mildness of Camel's superb blend of costlier tobaccos seems to have won the same flavor in medical circles as with millions of smokers the world around. If you are a Camel smoker, this preference among doctors will hardly suprise you. If you're not - well, try Camels now. Try Camels on your "T-Zone". That's T for Taste and T for Throat...the most critical "laboratory" for any cigarette. See how your taste responds to the rich, full flavor of Camel's costlier tobaccos. See how your throat reacts to Camel's cool mildness. On the basis of the experience of many millions of smokers, we believe Camels, will suit your "T-Zone" to a "T,". Camels costlier Tobaccos Ladies Home Journal: October 1946

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