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Year: 1968

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Alpine Cigarettes: Suddenly, the free gifts come faster. Alpine's Swift-Gift Coupon teams up with America's leading trading stamps. "This coupon gets you free gifts faster than any other cigarette coupon in the land" Alpine Swift-Gift Coupons can actually be combined with many of your favorite trading stamps. And you'll think it's the merger of the year. So when you put Swift-Gift Coupons and trading stamps together, things really begin to add up. Towards free gifts. What's more, Swift-Gift Coupons can be turned in at your local redemption center. So your gifts come even faster. And there are four extra coupons in every Alpine carton. Altogether, the coupons in a carton equal fifty-six trading stamps - more than a page! That's how you get free gifts faster with Alpine's Swift-Gift Coupon. Now, clip the coupon below, so you get a free 300-coupon certificate, just for starters. Alpine- if you like a cigarette on the high side of menthol. product offer.

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